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KenKen? Or just Ken? ^_^;; + 3 Demons Trios?! + pic [melt XD]

April 30th, 2007 (07:15 pm)

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current song: Happy Boys - Karena

today, I go to Kelapa Gading Mall with... [actually I wanted with my cousin, but... something he can't go out with me -.-;;]
geez, I just eat The Craps in there :3--!! And... you know, I meet my friends in there too XD! But, he went by his self >.<;; [geezzz--!! he doesn't go out with Christy XD!!] His name is Ken ^_^;; he's in collage--!! But, he'll continue his collage at New Zealand next year [OMG-!! Ken--!!! We're all miss you so much XD XD XD-----!!!!]

here's our confersation when I meet him ^_^;;

And... he's so narsistic if I called him by KenKen [you know actor from tenimyu, right?] he always pose with a narsistic like ATOBE KEIGO X3--!! He's Japanese boy an use the glasses. By the way, he looks like 'Date Kouji', I mean X3--!!

OMG--!! I use the webcame in my computer~~!! Plus, I checking to the deviantart~
I found this piccccc----!!!!! XD XD XD--!! KENTO! KASECHAN! YAGAMI---!! XD XD XD--!!!
Kyaaaah~~~ *die by heart attackes XD!*

@ comment: Kyaaa~~~~ Kento is so cuuttteeee---!!! X3333--!!

You know?! I found this pic from the site XD--!! OMGGG---!! Kasechan've a nice body XD! I' SCREAMED in my room so lound X3--!! He's so sexy XD! and... much I like his voice X3-!!

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Tenipuri 21 + New Background + Talk about Hyoteimyu & Rikkaimyu with my friends :3

April 29th, 2007 (09:26 pm)

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current song: Fall Out Boy [Infinity On High] – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Oh, yeah! Finally! I got Tenipuri volume 21 today! >.<;;

I don’t know how to ask about this, but… AKAYA is so cuuttteeee---!! X33

Ow man~ he’s more cute if he angry~~ X333--!!

Rikkai Dai always win-!! Yes ^_^;; I watching Sanada in Tenipuri’s new volume~ just one comment: Oh, Gen. You’re so emperor if you’re standing with hands in pocket like a king-!! [be cause of this my cousin bored if I talking about Sanada :X;;]. My cousin, fans of JACKAL?! Be-Because he always said: FIRE--!! With a uncool pose or something not like cool pose by Atobe-sama, I mean XD. Shocked, when my friend, Arline Frings [alias, ok?] said Sanada is uncool guy XO--!! [oh, what the hell is that thinks?!]. She’s more love Yuushi than Sanada [Good! She’s fan of Seigaku-!!]


I asked my friends about Rikkai Dai yesterday in my house [my mom invite my friends to tested the new Chinese tea *hehehehe…*]

One of my friends open my private computer-!! OMG--! And she saw my new windows background (>//<)--!! My windows background is Hyoteimyu~ also, Katou, etc… in there too-!

After my friends tested my mom’s tea, we’re all went to my room in second floor. Oh, well~ *sigh* I’m the one person who’s leave in second floor of my house. My older brother is always busy with his project, documents, history, art, etc… about collage in his university. My younger sister sleep in her own room, my younger brother sleep with my parents~ and… my grandma? She usually sleep with my younger sister.


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Rikkaimyu! :33333

April 29th, 2007 (10:56 am)

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current song: Absolutly King RikkaiDai feat. Rokkaku - Kiken na Game

Yay--!! I visited dtn's journal--!! and I found RikkaiMyu in there XD--!! Also, she's upload Rikkaimyu disk 1,2, and the backstage XD--!! [seriously, I can't speak or breath for a second] she's upload them in MU ;_; [why she didn't uplaod in mediafire?]
Huaaa--!! I watching Kanesaki, Yagami Ren, and Ono Kento in interview. *he he he* Ono Kento is so cute~ when he laughing at Kiriyama X3~ and... and... I more laughing when I watch Kiriyama, Masa, Baba, and Ono! They're made a 'V' sigh together XD!! Kyaaa---!! Wish I can took their picture just for once!

Yep! Yep! Yep! I wanted to download Burimyu [Bleach Myu] too from her LJ. But, I doesn't have Speedy to download it--!! ;_; *crying so lound* But, my father'll buy it soon if me always work hard and studyi in my room [Inui! Can you plase help me for a sec?!] Yes, Burimyu is funny too X3! but, aoyama_yuki's comment about it is diffrent. She said that Burimyu is not spectacular than Tenimyu because the actor of girls added in Burimyu. [yes! we're all not like girls XD!!] I wonder if rainne_yuumei watching Burimyu too because she's love Hitsugaya XD XD XD---!!

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Bakanishi is BACK o(>_<)o--!!!

April 20th, 2007 (03:41 pm)

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current song: Scandal ~english version~ - KangTa & Vanness

OMG--!! This is the real?! Or... my eyes alredy BROKEN?! I can't believe AKANISHI JIN IS BACK--!!! (*^O^*)---!!!!
Really! I must thanks to suzuki_kiritani because she write it on her blogspot---!!! OMG--!! OMG---!!! &*##$#@!@#*()%:"#$:">---!!!!! [can't sream or something like that XD--!!]

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Bad luck is coming to me -.-;;

April 19th, 2007 (02:47 pm)

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current mood: bored
current song: Sanada Genichirou - Houkou

My left leg is HURTTTSSSS *sobsob* ugh... it's... hurting me a lot--!! Gah, damn it!! Plus my finger are freeze when I write in this LJ -.-;; *sighing*

hehehehe... today I with rainne_yuumei make a fanfic (?) or kinda something like that about us with Rikkai player and Hyotei XD!! She said she likes my fic :D (>//<)---!!! Oh, God! This is the first commented from her--!! Arigatou m(_ _)m. And this is our 2nd fic--!! Wish we can continue it~!! But, my computer is alredy broken ==;; then, my father wanted to by two computer from me and my younger sister + my younger brother XD--!! yippy~!! *jumping + hugging kanesaki kentarou [kasechan XD!]*

Today, this is my bad luck! I haven't send re: [replay to rainne_yuumei again *sigh*. Because when I open my mail at Yahoo!, her write is DISAPPEAR---!!!! Of course I sreamed in my room-!! And, I didn't check my friendster for 2 days ago. Geez, I've a full day about that. 

Yesterday, I LOST FIGHT TAE KWON DO---!! that's my stressfull day--!! Maybe the God is doesn't protecting me in other day? I lost fighting! To my surprise, I found my ex-sabum watching me play XD--!!

ex-sabum: Why you run out from our club?
me: *panic* Because the time is too busy! So... so I can't practice at Saturday morning and Thursday night!!
ex-sabum: *tapped my head* Okay, but... coming in our club again...

Fiuh~! I wanted to die when I meet him -.-;;

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*sobsob* I leaving from China ;_;

April 18th, 2007 (12:56 pm)

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current mood: so depressed *sobsob*
current song: Absolutely RikkaiDai feat.Rokkaku - Hijou no Tennis

NOOOOO----!!! OMG--!! 

Last day I leaving from CHINA *sobsob* ;_; [I can cry a lot of that -.-;;]
From last Friday to Sunday I in there. Su-sugeeee---!!!! It's totaly diffrent from my country--!!! Cool--!! But, my father doesn't bring his camera changer--!! Of course the Bateray was 'lowbat' XO--!! [hate that---!!]
But, I really wanted to go China again plus go back to Japan for see Bakanishi and Kame (>//<)--!! [high imagination, huh?]
plus, whyaoyama_yuki knew I was in there? o_0?! Is she going tobecome MIZUKI HAJIME?! *shocked*---!!!!!



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